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Salbii is styled with advanced typography options and ultra sharp retina-ready icon set from IcoMoon.

Visual Composer

The theme features a custom shortcode composer, LayerSlider, Orbit Slider and an intuitive theme options panel.

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Your imagination is the limit! Salbii is suitable for corporate websites – business company, marketing agency.

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Your imagination is the limit! Salbii is suitable for corporate websites – business company, marketing agency.

A flexible stunning theme

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I wanted to post here to say that having played around with this theme for a few months now, this is by far, hands down, the best theme I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing and working with. The author has put so much effort into this theme, and it really shows.

Daniel Christopher

Great Customer

[just_icon icon=»icomoon-quote» icon_size=»32″ icon_color=»#00a8ac»][ultimate_spacer height=»30″]

Author offering help desk ticket support 5 days a week is phenomenal. Any users still considering buying this theme, go for it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at it’s quality! It is awesome and comes with the best support I have ever encountered, and I have worked with over 20 themes!

Guillermo E. George

Another Great Customer

[just_icon icon=»Defaults-thumbs-up» icon_size=»32″ icon_color=»#4aaadc»][ultimate_spacer height=»30″]

I’m very impressed your work. Awesome looking theme. Love the out of the box full width option! Congratulations to all team Tfingi, yes it is that support is professional and effective. Never seen anything like it. I love the minimalistic and slick theme.

Phyllis Rodriguez

Third Good Customer


Salbii is a creative and flexible WordPress theme.

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